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Educational High School Support That Fits Your Homeschool

A Community

A Community

Classically educated people participate in the Great Conversation.  At Arete, your student can join that conversation together with other students.

Studying Truth & Beauty

Studying Truth & Beauty

When students study the classics, they learn to distinguish truly beautiful things from trends.

Learning to Think

Learning to Think

Classical Schole education gives your student the tools to think for themselves.  We believe it’s far more valuable to learn how to think than what to think. 

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Back to basics: Our math instructor has many years of math experience, and will help your student master some of the most fundamental high school mathematics principles.


Learn the basics of logical thinking, which flows into rhetoric. These skills are no longer explicitly taught in schools, but are a staple of classical education. We will study both philosophical and mathematical logic.


The Great Books: Your student will participate in the “great conversation” by reading a robust selection of some of the best literature Western civilization has to offer.


Latin is key to logical thinking, mastering English grammar, and improving vocabulary. No matter where your student is in a Latin curriculum, they will grow and solidify their Latin skills at Arete.


Writing is key to all other academic success.  At Arete, your student’s writing skills will grow. We will offer copious amounts of practice and feedback to put your student’s writing on a collegiate-level trajectory.


Seminar covers a variety of interesting topics: Political science, chemistry, history, modern languages, and more. Seminar gives students the opportunity to grow in areas they’ve never studied before.