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How Arete Was Born

It started with a conversation.  Two homeschooling moms were talking about homeschooling through high school.  We wondered aloud: What would the perfect homeschooled high school experience look like? How could we capture the best of the more expensive programs that we had tried, while changing up the elements that didn’t work as well for us?  How could we prepare our kids for college and give them social time in the context of a classroom experience without totally relinquishing control of their education?  If we could build the perfect high school co-op, what would it look like?
The result of this conversation (and the dozens that followed) is Arete Classical Schole.  (Arete and Schole are Greek. They are pronounced ah-reh-TEE and skoh-LAY.)
Our name embodies our co-op’s ethos.    Arete is the Greek word for excellence, especially as it pertains to virtue.  Schole is a part of our name because we are a Schole Group (see this link for info about Schole Groups).  Schole means “restful learning.” 
We believe in classical education because it’s the surest, simplest way to achieve excellence (arete).  We also believe that a rigorous education can be attained without undue stress for either you or your children.  We can achieve excellence and restfulness by cutting out the busy work and fluff while focusing on high-quality, time-honored content.

Of the many programs out there to choose from to homeschool high school, why choose Arete Classical Schole?

It’s planned and facilitated by professional teachers.
Both mentors have extensive education experience.  Between the two, we have several decades of teaching experience spanning middle school through college.  We are trained in literature, writing, math, and science.  
We offer flexibility to work with your goals and standards.
You are the primary educator of your child(ren). We recognize and honor your primacy in your children’s education. We also recognize, though, that we want to give our kids a smooth transition to the world of higher education.  Therefore, we focus on the skills your students will need to thrive in college.   This includes note-taking skills and standardized testing practice in addition to rigorous coursework in literature, composition, mathematics, science, logic, Latin, and history.
It’s reasonably priced.
Arete isn’t about profit; it’s about community.  Our fees are set to cover costs, which are purposely kept low.  We value frugality and don’t want to make cost a barrier to entry into the community.
The environment is relaxed.
We meet two mornings per week (Mondays and Thursdays) until noon. You’ll be able to enjoy lunch in your home every day of the week.  You control the amount of pressure your student feels:  As the primary educator of your children, you are free to edit, adjust, replace, or skip any assignments you like.  Also, unlike once-a-week programs, our co-op has twice the accountability.
We customize your student’s experience.
Every student has a unique combination of strengths and weaknesses; we make it a point to work with your students in the areas they need help most. Especially in composition, we will help your students develop their writing skills from where they are in their writing journey.  Whether your student is in 7th grade or 12th, they will be appropriately challenged and prepared without the coursework being too difficult. We strike a balance between boredom and unnecessary frustration.
You can learn, too.
Drop off, or stay! We are happy to have parents go home or sit in.  Especially in math, you might find a refresher helpful (and interesting!).
We’re supportive.
By phone, email, or social media, you or your students can ask questions between class meetings.
You control the textbooks.
You can use any curricular choices at home that you wish.  We’ll publish a book list from which we’ll teach.  Buying the books we use is encouraged but optional.  
How can that be?  First, the classical philosophy espouses the value of multiple exposures to course material, which benefits the student’s grasp of that material.  Whether you use the same texts at home as we use in the co-op, your students will make great strides in both places if they focus and work hard in both places. 
We will make liberal use of handouts to make your life easier.